Phend Plumbing

Phone Number: (480) 388-6093

Office Hours:

Monday: 7am- 5pm
Tuesday: 7am- 5pm

Wednesday:  7am- 5pm
Thursday: 7am- 5pm
Friday: 7am- 5pm

Saturday: 8am- 4pm

Emergency 24 hour service:

We offer 24 hour emergency service. If calling outside of our office hours, just call the number above to schedule our on call technician. 

At Phend Plumbing we believe in using American made products whenever possible in an effort to support the American worker and our local supplier. This in turn gives our customer a superior, longer lasting product. Our experienced and knowledgable technicians offer excellent service and advice. We value hard work and incorporate new technology into our jobs. We believe in giving our employees a better work environment which in turn gives our customers a better technician on the job.

Phend Plumbing is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of down town Gilbert with an office in Mesa.

Water Treatments

There is no doubt about how hard Arizona's water is. We will test your water for free and help customize a water treatment system to meet your needs. We use a local distributer who makes water softeners specifically for Arizona's hard water. Soft water will help protect one of your biggest investments, your home by protecting your pipes and fixtures. Soft water is also environmentally friendly. You will use less soap when doing laundry, showing or cleaning.

Water Heaters

There are a variety of water heater choices from a standard tank to a tankless heater. Standard tank heaters are available for gas and electric homes and come in varying sizes to meet your homes size. Tankless heaters also come in gas and electric. We love tankless heaters because of their small size and efficiency to give endless hot water.

Sewer Lines

Sewer lines are an important part of the plumbing infrastructure. When they don't work properly they can cause many issues. At Phend Plumbing we buy only top on the line equipment to service your sewer lines. Additionally, we can utilize Trenchless Sewer Line Repair which is much less invasive than traditional repair methods.


Repiping your home can be a nightmare if the technician in not knowledgeable and trained properly. At Phend Plumbing, we strive to leave a minimal footprint behind as possible. Many Arizona homes still have galvanized steel or polybutylene piping. Both of these types of pipe should be, and is highly recommended to be replaced. We pride ourselves in using the best products and technology available for replacement.