Gas Lines for Outdoor Fire Pits in Mesa/Gilbert, Arizona

Ready to gather around a beautiful backyard fire pit this fall or winter? If all you need before installing your new fire pit is a gas line hookup for it, Phend Plumbing has you covered. Having your gas line professionally installed will protect you from dangerous leaks and ensure that your fire pit is up to code. That will give you peace of mind as you and your family and friends gather around that warm fire and create new memories. In just a short time, you can have your fire pit hooked up and ready to light.We offer up-front pricing and fast, professional work.

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What size gas line do you need for a fire pit?

It is important to match the BTU rating of your fire pit to the source gas line. Then, it’s a matter of calculating the diameter of the pipe based on the distance from the source to your fire pit. There are charts available to make these calculations, but this is important enough that we recommend you work with a licensed plumber for your gas line.

How much does it cost to run a gas line to a fire pit?

To run a gas line to your fire pit, we estimate the cost based on the linear length of the pipe and the difficulty of the installation, i.e. how easy is the access and the space we’re working in. Call us to schedule your free, in-person estimate!


Do you need a gas line for a gas fire pit?

Yes, you will need a permanent gas line installed for your natural gas fire pit. A professional plumber can install this and ensure that everything is sealed properly and meets local safety codes.

Can you have a fire pit over a gas line?

The location of your fire pit comes with several safety considerations. It should be at least 25 feet from your home and 10 feet away from the property line. It should also not be located directly underneath power lines. They also need to have an emergency shut-off valve. Finally, a fire pit can be installed over a gas line. A gas fire pit is built to insulate itself.

What is a good BTU for an outdoor fire pit?

The typical range for a fire pit BTU rating is from 40,000 to 150,000 BTUs. But that number is purely subjective and depends on many factors including our local temperatures, the distance you’ll be seated from the fire, etc. Talk to your fire pit dealer to get help selecting the best fire pit for your backyard.

More questions?

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