Tankless Descale Service in Mesa/Gilbert, Arizona

Your tankless water heater has probably become your favorite plumbing feature given how well it keeps the hot water flowing in your home effortlessly. To take good care of it and keep it running, you want to make sure it gets the maintenance it needs to ensure a long life. It is widely recommended to have your tankless water heater descaled by qualified professionals, like us here at Phend Plumbing, at least once a year. 

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Can I descale my own tankless water heater?

Yes, a dedicated homeowner with time and resources can descale their own water heater, but we don’t recommend it for a few simple reasons. First of all, we use specialized products designed for your unit that we know perform to standards, and secondly, when we descale, we also conduct an inspection of your whole system to be sure it doesn’t need any further work and to anticipate any future issues.

How do I descale my tankless water heater? 

Call us! Honestly, there are sites online that will give you information on how to use vinegar and other solutions to descale, but that is not recommended and probably not part of your warranty protections so we don’t recommend it. You can use professional products with the pumps, flexible pipes, and ph-testing the way we do if you are a confident DIYer, but please keep in mind, this is the system through which all of your household water flows. It provides drinking, cooking, showering water and needs to be cleaned with safe products. 


How often should a tankless water heater be descaled? 

Tankless water heaters should be descaled at least once a year, and if your water is particularly hard, like many places here in the Valley, you may want to schedule it twice a year.

What happens if I don’t descale my tankless water heater? 

Contaminants can build up causing blocks that hinder the performance of your heater and impacting its performance. 


Do tankless water heaters require maintenance? 

Yes, it is important to descale them at least once a year so minerals and contaminants don’t build up and impact the function and durability of your system. Any other maintenance that might be required will be noticed at your annual descale, so any potential problems can be caught before they become an issue.

More questions?

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