Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation in Mesa/Gilbert, Arizona

When your garbage disposal clogs repeatedly or suddenly stops working it can cause your sink to clog or your pipes to leak creating further problems. If you are concerned about disturbing noises, frequent clogs, leaks, strange odors, or if you find you need to hit the reset button for your disposal a lot, we can help.

The first thing you need to do is to be sure there really is a significant issue. It is common to have a minor issue from the following, so check for these first:

  • Overfilling the disposal by putting too much in all at once.
  • Not running enough water down the drain while garbage is being ground up. It needs to be run during processing in order to flush it down the drain properly.
  • Dropping something non-degradable into the disposal such as a small utensil.

If you find there is a problem with the unit, call us so our team can have it repaired or replaced quickly, affordably, and hassle-free. We’re available 24/7 on weekdays and on-call on weekends.  We’re here for you when you need that garbage disposal fixed or replaced.

We offer up-front pricing and fast, professional work. Call us now (480-388-6093) to schedule your Garbage Disposal service.

How long should a garbage disposal last? 

The average garbage disposal lasts about 10 years. If yours is older than that and it’s giving you trouble, you should call us in to repair it or get you an estimate to replace it.

What does it mean that my garbage disposal smells bad? 

If running it with water doesn’t clear the smell, you can try putting ice, or some small citrus scraps down the disposal with water (always!) and see if that clears the stench. If that doesn’t work, it might mean you have a blockage or a leak further down the line that is sending a foul smell back up the drain.

Is there anything that shouldn’t go down the disposal?

It’s important to know that only food scraps should go down the disposal and that you should always run the water while slowly placing the food scraps down the disposal drain. There are some foods that you don’t want at the disposal like these:

  • Fruit pits, bones, and other very hard items. The blades are not capable of breaking down very hard things and they will break. 
  • Fat, grease, coffee grounds, eggshells, and chemicals. 
  • Stringy scraps and peels can present a challenge because of how the blades are arranged and can gather without being ground properly, but small citrus peels are okay (and even helpful) for your disposal.

Does a garbage disposal need maintenance? 

Some simple habits will extend the life of your garbage disposal and keep it in good working order. You should always run it with water and continue the flow for a few seconds to keep the material running down the drain. You can throw some small lemon peels or a good amount of ice cubes down the drain and run it every month or so. It’s a good idea to snake the drain roughly every two years. That will help prevent clogs and keep the systems running smoothly.

How much will replacing a garbage disposal cost? 

Installing a brand new garbage disposal, including installation, typically depends on which disposal you need. We provide a free estimate and we stick to it so you’ll know how much your garbage disposal repair or installation will cost you.

More questions?

Good questions! Sounds like you might need a professional plumber for your Garbage Disposal service. Give us a call at 480-388-6093 to see how we can help.

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