Gas Stove Installation Service in Mesa/Gilbert, Arizona

There’s nothing better than cooking on a gas range. It heats food more evenly, makes controlling cooking temperatures easy, and is more energy efficient. Many people have questions about installing a gas stove. At Phend Plumbing, we provide high-quality gas range installation services in Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona. We’re here to answer all your questions. Our gas stove installation service includes the following: 

  • Analysis of whole home gas requirements
  • Gas line installation for a gas range
  • Adherence to all codes and permits
  • All fittings are sealed and leak-free

We offer up-front pricing and fast, professional work. Call us now to schedule your Gas Stove Installation Service Service.

How often should gas stoves be serviced?

Plan to have your gas stove and any other gas appliances serviced at least once every one to two years. The actual time may vary, so look at the manufacturer’s instructions for your stove. 

Does a gas range need to be professionally installed?

Having a professional install your gas range is a good choice for many reasons. It will ensure your safety and save you time from messing with your home’s gas lines, which can be dangerous. Many insurers also require a professional to install a gas range, or they won’t cover any damages resulting from a mishap.  

How do I know if I can install a gas range?

Knowing whether or not you can install a gas range is relatively straightforward. You can only install a gas range if you have a gas line running to your kitchen that you can hook the range up to. Fortunately, it’s often possible to install a gas line in your home so you can hook up a gas range.

Is it expensive to switch from an electric to a gas stove?

Making the change from an electric stove to a gas one will probably cost you more upfront. Gas stoves tend to have a higher purchase price, and if you have to install a gas line, the upfront costs can be steep. However, gas stoves are more energy efficient, which can save you money in the long run. 

Which is better: gas or electric stove?

Most professional chefs prefer cooking on a gas stove. The main reason is that a gas stove allows you to control temperatures across several burners easily. While an electric stove takes time to heat up and cool down, you can quickly go from boiling to simmering on a gas range. Most people like electric stoves because they have a lower upfront cost and are easier to clean. 

More questions?

These are all great questions about gas ranges! Do you have more? Sounds like you might need a professional plumber for your Gas Stove Installation Service. Give us a call at 480-388-6093 to see how we can help.

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