Outdoor Plumbing Repair in Mesa/Gilbert, Arizona

Our homes have more outdoor plumbing fixtures than you might realize. Here in Arizona, a small leak on your outdoor plumbing fixture can become an oasis for bugs like crickets, roaches, and scorpions. It can also add up on your monthly water bill. That’s why you need to fix those outdoor plumbing leaks.

Your outdoor plumbing includes:

  • Faucets
  • Main Valves
  • Pressure Regulator Valves
  • Pipes
  • Hose Bibs (Spigots)
  • Gas Hookups

Whether you have a leak, need to hook up your new gas grill, or want to add an outdoor faucet, we have you covered.

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Do plumbers fix outside faucets?

Yes, professional plumbers like Phend Plumbing and Rooter fix and install outdoor fixtures. If your plumbing is dripping outside, you need to add a gas hook up, or you want to install an outdoor faucet, working with a licensed plumber is your best bet and will likely save you both money and headaches over trying it yourself.

How do you fix an outside leaky faucet?

We’re glad you asked! Watch Pete’s video on how to repair a leaky hose bib. You will want to turn off the water and check for either a worn-out washer or a crack in the seat. With a single trip to the hardware store, this is something a handy homeowner can do themselves.

How much does a plumber charge to change a spigot?

 A typical charge for a hose bib (or spigot) repair varies based on things like access to the bib and the true extent of the issue at hand.

Should you leave outdoor faucets dripping in winter?

It is rare here in Arizona, but it can happen. When extreme cold weather comes through, and you expect the outdoor temperatures to stay below freezing for an extended period of time, it can be helpful to leave an outdoor faucet dripping (5-10 drops per minute) to help move the water through the pipes and reduce the chance of freezing.

What is the difference between a hose bib and a spigot?

A hose bib and a spigot are the same thing. There is no difference. Just different words for that outdoor faucet where you hook up the hose or fill water balloons. 

How do I attach a hose bib to my house?

If you don’t have a hose bib outside, you can add one by installing a tee fitting on your outdoor cold water supply. Once you have the tee fitting installed, you can attach your hose bib, and you’re good to go. Now, of course, you need to ensure that all the fittings are properly sealed and that your new fixture meets the code standards.

More questions?

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