Trenchless Sewer Repair in Mesa & Gilbert, Arizona

Spare Your Yard With Trenchless Repair Service

Trenchless sewer repair involves installing a new lining inside your existing sewer line. That means we don’t need to tear up your yard or replace the existing sewer line, which can both be very costly. Trenchless repairs are faster and cheaper than a full sewer line replacement.

There are two types of trenchless repairs:

  • Install a lining within the existing pipe. We insert a flexible tube into your sewer line, inflate it, and it hardens into a new pipe. 
  • Install a new sewer line by dragging it through the existing line, which ends up breaking the old line apart, or “bursting” it. That is called pipe bursting.

A trenchless sewer repair has several benefits:

  • Speed: Going trenchless is faster than traditional replacement.
  • Reliable: We restore the original integrity of the pipe.
  • Cheaper: When you account for repairing damage to your property, a trenchless solution can save you money.
  • Easy On Your Nerves: You won’t have to watch your property get torn up.
  • Long Lasting: It can last 50 to 100 years and prevents roots from infiltrating it.

If you have a leak or damage to your sewer line, get it repaired right away. Schedule a free estimate now, and we’ll put your mind at ease and save further damage to your property.

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Does trenchless sewer repair work?

Yes, trenchless sewer repair is very effective. By digging one or two small holes, we can repair your main line with a long-lasting solution that will last for decades.

Is trenchless sewer repair cheaper?

A trenchless repair can actually save you up to 75% over the cost of a traditional sewer line replacement. With a traditional repair, there is a lot of damage to the property due to the trenching. Fixing that is costly. That’s why a trenchless service will save you so much money.

How long does sewer relining last?

The sewer lining will last over 50 years. This is a true replacement solution for your sewer line, not a patch. And it will protect against destruction from tree roots, which is a typical cause of broken sewer lines.

How does sewer lining work?

A trenchless sewer repair works by inserting an epoxy lining into your existing, broken pipe. The lining is then inflated and allowed to harden. In the end, you have a new sewer line that’ll last another 50+ years.

More questions?

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