Toilet Installation & Repair in Mesa/Gilbert, Arizona

Get your bathroom back to working the way it’s supposed to with a new toilet installation or toilet repair service. It is important to have a professional install or repair your toilet so that it functions properly and to avoid any leaks. A tight seal around the toilet makes all the difference. 

Does your toilet show any of these signs? If so, it’s time for a repair or installation of a new unit:

  • A weak or slow flush
  • The water level in the bowl keeps dropping
  • Strange noises like dripping and whistles
  • Noises coming from the tub and sink during a flush

If your toilet needs a better flush, give us a call, and we’ll get things flowing again. We install all kinds of toilets from your basic models to pressure-assisted models.

We offer up-front pricing and fast, professional work. Call us now to schedule your toilet repair or installation service. Get a Free Estimate!

How much will a plumber charge to install a toilet?

The cost to install a new toilet includes removing and disposing of your old toilet. The overall cost will depend on the model of toilet you choose.

Can a handyman install a toilet?

Legally, a handyman can install a toilet. But the cost difference between a handyman and a licensed plumber is worth the investment to know your toilet is getting installed by a professional. The last thing you want is a leak or strange noise from your new toilet right after it’s been installed or repaired.

Which is better, a 1 or 2 piece toilet?

There is very little difference between the 1- and 2-piece toilets. So, take your pick and get the toilet you want!

How much does it cost to repair a toilet?

Toilet repair with a professional plumber like Phend Plumbing will vary, depending on the toilet, the home, and the repairs needed. Remember, hiring a professional plumber may save you a second repair to fix the first one.

Should I repair or replace my toilet?

The number one sign that your toilet needs replacing is a crack. If you see a crack in the tank, you will likely need a replacement. If you see a crack in the bowl, keep an eye on it. You may also want to replace the toilet if it is past its years in age, has recurring leaks, or if it regularly clogs.

More questions?

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