Sewer Line Camera Inspection in Mesa & Gilbert, Arizona

Look Before You Dig!

If you see signs that your sewer line may be broken or clogged — slow drains, puddles in the yard, bad smells — then a sewer camera inspection can provide some answers and even peace of mind. Many things can cause problems with your main sewer line, including roots, leaks, breakages, and even sagging pipes. We can find out exactly what the issue is with a professional sewer line camera inspection.

With our state-of-the-art camera inspection service, we use a high-resolution camera attached to a flexible rod that can snake its way through your pipes, giving you an accurate picture of what is going on down there. This can also be useful if you are planning to add on a bathroom or other additions to your home, to make sure you have the capacity to handle the additional use.

When should you get a sewer line camera inspection?

  • When you see signs of a sewer line problem
  • To check for sewer line capacity before new additions to the home
  • When buying a home that’s more than 20 years old

With an expert sewer line camera inspection, you will know exactly what you’re dealing with and not leave anything to chance. With leaks and other problems with a sewer line, time is of the essence. So, Get a Free Estimate! now!


How much does it cost to run a camera through a sewer line?

Our camera inspection services are flat-rate services, but those rates depend on what we’ll be inspecting, the size of the property, and other considerations. Give us a call to get an estimate.

Should you do a sewer scope inspection?

If you’re buying a home that is more than 20 years old and hasn’t had the sewer lines repaired or replaced, then we highly recommend a sewer line inspection. Older sewer lines may have developed leaks, breaks, or sags, which can turn into more serious problems later on.

What is a sewer camera?

A sewer camera is simply a high-resolution camera attached to the end of a flexible cable, like a drain snake. This allows us to move the camera through your sewer line and see high-res images of what is going on in there.

How long does a sewer scope take?

We plan for about an hour for the inspection. However, if we run into serious blockages, the inspection could take longer.

How do I know if there are roots in my sewer line?

A camera inspection will show you if there are roots in your sewer line as well as other problems that might exist within the main line.

More questions?

If you have any questions about sewer line camera inspections, call our office now at 480-388-6093.
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