How To Tell If Your Sewer Line Is Broken

How on Earth would you know if your sewer line might be damaged or need repair? It is under the ground and not something you can just check like the electrical breaker box. When you’ve got some strange signs from the plumbing, you need to know how to tell if your sewer line is broken in order to put your mind at ease.

Here are 7 signs of sewer line trouble you will want to know:

  1. Lots of backups and blockages. Repeated backups in your toilet can be a strong indicator that there is trouble at the main line because all the drains in the house go out to the main sewage line outside the property. Toilet clogs can and do happen from common blockages, but repeated backups or backups at multiple locations, is a sign of trouble and you want to bring in the professionals.
  2. Lots of slow drains. Again, common blockages are normal, but constantly slow draining sinks, showers and tubs can be a sign of a block deeper in the plumbing and an untreated block in the mainline can lead to much bigger problems.
  3. Strange happenings on your property along the plumbing lines. If you notice unusual dips or dents in the ground, cracks in patios or foundations, or if you have a suddenly lush area anywhere along the plumbing line this can be a sign of trouble, because the water and or sewage could be escaping the pipes and saturating the ground. And since mother nature loves sewage, you may even find a sudden growth spurt of plant life that wasn’t there before.
  4. More gross growths. The same goes for unusual mold growth (remember, mother nature loves that sewage), and weird unpleasant pooled “water” anywhere near plumbing or plumbing lines on your property or in your house.
  5. Presence of pesky pests. Obviously bugs of many types will be drawn to seeping sewage, but rodents in particular are able to find their way into cracks and worsen the already troublesome issue. If you suddenly find yourself housing unwanted pests, call a professional to determine what is going on.
  6. Constant problems. If there are constant plumbing problems, like you feel that you just can’t catch a break with the systems in your home, and you should be buying stock in Drano, it could be a sign. Reach out for professional assistance.
  7. It stinks! If you smell sewage, call a pro! This is a strong sign of a problem you will want handled asap. 

Some of these problems are downright scary and some just seem scary until you call a qualified licensed and bonded plumber to determine what the issue is and take care of it. You absolutely want qualified pros with knowledge and experience to handle it before it becomes a much bigger problem.

Get Your Sewer Line Checked

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