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Problems with your sewer line can quickly turn into a nightmare. Call now, and we’ll do a professional diagnostic and get you a free estimate for sewer line repairs, sewer line cleaning and sewer line replacement. Our technicians are specifically trained in diagnosing, repairing and installing sewer lines.

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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line breakages and leaks are bad enough. But you may be concerned about having your property dug up with a trench in order to make repairs. At Phend Plumbing, we offer trenchless sewer line repair. That means, we probe the sewer line for leaks or breakages, and fix it where it’s leaking. That way, we don’t need to dig up your whole yard! Often, these repairs can take less than a day.

What are the signs of a broken sewer pipe?

These are some signs that you may have a broken or leaking sewer line that needs repairs:

  • Sewer odors
  • Backups and slow drains throughout the home/building
  • Breaks in your home’s foundation, due to shifting soil
  • Changes in your lawn: extra green/lush patches, wet soggy areas, sinking ground
  • Mold on the walls can indicate a sewer line break within your walls
  • A new rodent problem

If you have any concerns about your sewer line, call us now for a diagnostic and peace of mind.

How much does a sewer line repair cost?

The cost to repair or replace your sewer line depends greatly on the extent of the damage and leaks. Sewer lines may have corrosion, a break, or a simple leak. These repairs can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The first step is to get diagnostics done and an estimate. Remember, there is significant cost in NOT fixing your sewer line in damages to your property and home. You can minimize that cost by acting quickly.

Can you patch a sewer line?

Sewer line problems result from cracks, breaks and clogs in your line. If there’s a crack or leak, we will need to do repairs to that section of the line. There is not a “patch” for a sewer line, but we can use modern techniques to repair the line without having to trench the whole property. Of course, we might get lucky and simply have to clear a clog.

Does homeowners insurance cover sewer line repair?

Some home insurance policies will cover much of the work to repair or replace your damaged sewer line. Call your provider to see what will be covered in your policy.

Does the washing machine drain into the sewer line?

Yes. Your washing machine drains itself into your home’s sewer line.

More questions?

If you have any questions about sewer line repairs, call our office now at 480-388-6093.
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