Slab Leak Detection: Why So Important?

Slab leak detection is incredibly important for homeowners to be aware of, because something that is almost undetectable can wreak havoc on your home and budget. There are many types of plumbing leaks that require the attention of a qualified plumber but few are as fear inducing to homeowners as slab leaks.

So, what is a slab leak? This term refers to a leak in the plumbing system that brings water to and from the house from the main water line and is run under the foundation on which the residence is built. More simply, it is the plumbing that is under the concrete slab of your house.

Why is slab leak detection important? 

  • Potential Damage to the foundation. Even small leaks can cause significant damage over time, potentially impacting the viability of walls, flooring and even the foundation itself as it affects the ground beneath the slab. Water pooling can affect the clay or soil beneath the foundation, putting pressure on the concrete and ultimately causing foundational cracks. 
  • Mold problems. Another type of damage is the development of mold which is hazardous to human health and should be addressed urgently.
  • Damage to flooring, furnishings or leaks that damage the outside grounds
  • Water waste. A slab leak not only increases your water bill but also wastes our valuable water resources unnecessarily. A spike in your water bill is one of the early indicators of a potential slab leak.
  • Water supply. If the damage from increasing to such a point that water supply to the home is compromised, then you are stuck with supply issues and a much, much bigger problem to solve.
  • Water integrity. Damage to the slab means water is leaking out, but it also holds the potential for contaminants and other things to get in. 

What Is Slab Leak Detection

Slab leak detection is a process of locating exactly where the leak or leaks are so that they can be effectively and efficiently repaired. We used to have to use guesswork by checking the main and flow valves until they find a general area and then just start digging.  But now, highly skilled and qualified plumbers, like those at Phend Plumbing, use high tech equipment, even cameras where appropriate, to find the leak and select the best method for quick repair and restoration of services. 

Typically, either slab penetration or a method called tunneling is used to reach and repair the leak so you won’t be relying on guesswork and tearing up multiple areas. Slab penetration is what it sounds like; using a jackhammer to penetrate the concrete and access the plumbing. Tunneling uses modern tools to access the plumbing and is a great solution where possible. 

Professional Slab Leak Detection

Slab leak detection, when done by qualified professionals using high tech equipment is highly accurate and you won’t have to worry that your whole slab will end up looking like swiss cheese. We locate the leak and repair it. It can be that simple when you hire a reputable, quality company.

Keeping your pipes leak free is vital to your water supply, water safety, and your finances, whether that is a slab leak or any leak throughout your home. If you are worried about any plumbing issue, we here at Phend Plumbing are highly qualified plumbers who take pride in our work.Please don’t let minor worries become major problems. Reach out to us at or better yet, just give us a call at 480-388-6093 and we’ll get you scheduled and on your way to problem-free plumbing.