How to Get Hair Out of a Bathtub Drain

Yeah, it might be a little gross to think about, but when you’ve got a slow drain in your bath or shower, you might think “hair clog” first. It is the most common cause of slow or clogged bathtub drains so you absolutely want to know how to get that hair out of a bathtub drain and we are here to help.

There are a few telltale signs that you have hair clogging your drain. If the drain has gotten slower and slower to empty over time, then hair may be your culprit. Also if you take a look in the drain you will likely see signs of hair sticking up. Nobody wants to see that. It usually reminds us of a sewer creature and comes with loads of dead skin and slime. Not pretty, we know, but that’s pretty good evidence that a hair clog is a culprit.

So, how can you get that nasty hair out of your shower or bathtub drain? The first thing you need to know is please don’t use those well known liquid products because when they do work they can be harmful to your pipes over time and when they don’t work they can leave a horrifying toxic stew made up of dirty water, stuff from the drain, and the harsh and dangerous chemicals in the product. We don’t want that, so here are some more effective solutions that don’t present a hazard.

Here Are The Top 5 Ways To Get The Hair Out Of A Bathtub Drain

  1. Start with the plunger. Since you are using it on your tub you want to use a separate plunger or be sure to thoroughly clean it. Cover the drain completely, make sure there is enough water to keep the plunger submerged and use strong, quick plunges to clear the clog.
  2. Next, you can try simple, non-caustic solutions like running very hot water for a few minutes to see if that clears the drain. Other non-caustic solutions like salt + hot water or vinegar + salt + Lemon can clear a drain that has less hair and more soap and material buildup. 
  3. If those haven’t cleared it, we suggest trying inexpensive drain sticks or home-made augers. That is just a fancy word for a long thin object that can reach down the drain and grab the object to remove it. For example, you can straighten a hanger and create a small hook on the end to grasp the hair clog. 
  4. If this is a recurring problem like if you live with many people with long hair, you can purchase a more effective auger from your local hardware store to have on hand to clear hair clogs.
  5. Finally, call a plumber. If none of these solutions were effective against the problem, a clog may be deeper in the system, or it could be something else entirely. Your plumber can certainly use professional tools to locate and clear the issue or even do a full check and clear of your home system so you won’t have to worry about clogs recurring.

Need A Professional Plumber?

Hopefully, these tricks have solved the urgent problem and emptied your drain, but if slow draining persists or if these methods failed, please reach out to us so we can help. We offer rooter services to clean your drains so you never have to worry about clogs or disgusting slow drains. You can learn more about our services in Mesa, Gilbert, and the surrounding areas at . So don’t wait, give us a call to learn more at 480-388-6093.