Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?

Why does my toilet keep clogging? If you’ve ever wondered if your toilet is possessed or just want to know why it keeps clogging, here’s why and what you can do about it.

Reasons your toilet may keep clogging

  1. Using an ungodly amount of toilet paper. Do you have a culprit in your house who uses half a roll of toilet paper every time they go? This can cause your toilet to clog.
  2. Putting things that don’t flush down the toilet. Personal hygiene products, special wipes, cleaning wipes, pads, condoms, cotton balls – none of these are supposed to be flushed down the toilet and can cause your toilet to clog repeatedly.
  3. Don’t read further if you are squeamish: yes, your diet can affect your go and then your go can affect your toilet – talk to your doctor if this is an issue and get tips to improve the situation.
  4. A low flush could be causing a clog because the toilet isn’t flushing fully. You may have an old low-flow toilet that doesn’t do the job properly or you may simply need to check the flapper inside the tank, or you may have blocked jets. 
  5. A blocked toilet trap. This is where you get out the old auger to pull it out, but if it is stuck further in the trap, you will need to pull up the toilet and then reseal it properly. This can be a hassle so you may want to consult with your plumber and also you want to be sure this is the cause before you go to all that trouble. 
  6. A blocked air vent. Your toilet is vented to the outside to prevent vacuum conditions that can damage plumbing. If they are blocked with leaves or debris it can cause clogs to form more easily.
  7. A clog in the toilet line. You can get a snake tool at the hardware store, but they still aren’t the same quality as your plumber has, so if you don’t feel like becoming an expert, you may want to call the plumber in for this one.
  8. A clog somewhere down the line in your home’s plumbing. This is what you are hoping it isn’t. It can be things like tree roots invading your system on your property or simply a clog that has been pushed further down the line inside your system. You will likely want a highly qualified plumber with the right technology to come to check your system if snaking hasn’t solved the recurring clogging issue. It seems concerning, but it is always better to know what is happening before the problem gets worse. 

When your toilet clogs over and over again, it is incredibly annoying, but it is not a huge problem. Most clogs are easily resolved, but if the usual process (plungers) doesn’t solve it, just give your friendly neighborhood plumber a call and we can assist you. A sign that you have a problem that needs professional attention is if it is affecting more than one toilet in the residence. If you are in the Mesa Gilbert area, we would be happy to assist you. We also offer rooter services to clean your drains so you never have to worry about clogs or other issues. You can learn more about our toilet repair services in Mesa, Gilbert, and the surrounding areas by calling our office at 480-388-6093.