Types of Toilet Seats

Toilets may be the most underappreciated innovation of all time. Only those who camp a lot or who have lived with an outhouse can understand how great plumbing truly is, and what a luxury a comfortable toilet seat is, too. 

If you need to replace your toilet seat, you will be relieved to know it is incredibly easy. You don’t even need any tools to do it. Once you have selected your toilet you will simply remove the clean, old toilet seat using the following steps and then reverse the order to put your new seat on.

  1. Reach under the toilet at the hinge and unscrew the plastic bolt on both sides
  2. Open the hinged cover, pull up and remove the screw, and save any components you are reusing (if you don’t have the screw or hinge on your new toilet seats you can reuse them if they are in good shape)
  3. Pull up the entire toilet seat and discard, then reverse the process with your shiny new toilet seat

Like we said, if you are putting on a new toilet seat, you simply place the seat over the toilet bowl with the hinge over the screw holes, open the hinge cover, insert the screw through the entire housing, and then screw the bolt onto the bottom of the screw under the toilet. Double check it opens and closes properly and that it doesn’t move or slide, and you are good to go.

If you are looking at your toilet seat and none of this is making sense, you may have one of the rare toilet types discussed below. If it isn’t obvious how to replace it, just give a good plumber like Phend a call for a quick consultation. 

If you are in need of a new toilet seat or just want to improve your sitting situation, let’s go over the types of toilet seats, including those rare beasts we mentioned earlier for fun.

Toilet Seat Types

In the United States, there are two basic sizes of seat covers to cover the two toilet seat shapes; Standard and Elongated. Then there are many variations on these covers and in terms of appearance, you can get everything from the old-fashioned wood grain look to sleek and colorful styles. Whatever you are looking for in a toilet seat, you will probably find it.

How do I know my toilet seat size?

To know your toilet seat size, you can take quick measurements and compare them with the seat you are purchasing, but be assured that unless you have a super rare toilet, like this interesting little number from Wayfair, most seats are standard size. Just make sure you choose the right shape to fit your toilet, round or elongated.

Remember we said there are many variations on toilet seat covers? Here are a few of those unique features available:

  • Built-in bidets – that’s right! You can have your bidet built right into the toilet seat for even easier installation
  • Built-in cushioning – these have come a long way since the strange padded versions of yesteryear. The modern versions are easy to clean and more durable.
  • Built-in lighting – When you want your toilet to literally glow for you you can get an LED to add on for colored lights
  • Soft-close seats – This is especially great for people who hate the sound of the toilet seat slamming, and also for families with children.
  • Heated seats – the ultimate luxury feature in a toilet seat
  • Smart toilet seats – this fancy system can control many built-in features including a seat warmer, bidet, cleaning systems, even an air dryer. 

That’s a lot of variety for the humble toilet seat, but whatever type and size you choose we are always here to help with your plumbing issues and decision-making dilemmas. If we can help, please reach out to us at https://phendplumbing.com/ or call us at 480-388-6093.