Pros and Cons of Water Softeners

Are you experiencing the unpleasantness of Arizona’s hard water and thinking of installing a water softener? Read these pros and cons of water softeners as you make your decision. Then call Phend to install it!

If you have lived in Arizona for more than a month, you’ve probably experienced the unpleasantness of “hard water”. What that means is that the water brought into residential homes from the local municipality contains minerals that can cause issues. There are 5 general complaints about how it affects our home and our bodies:

  1. Leaves crusty deposits on taps, sinks, tubs, and showers
  2. Doesn’t clear the soap so it builds up as soap scum that needs special cleaning
  3. That it is not good for appliances & plumbing
  4. It causes spots and streaks on clean dishes
  5. It aggravates or causes dry skin and dry hair which in our dry climate can be a real problem.

What is a water softener and why do people install them?   

A water softener is a device that removes “heavy” minerals and other contaminants such as sand and dirt from the water entering the home in order to create “soft” water that many people prefer. This appliance, also known as an “ion exchange unit” removes magnesium, calcium, and sometimes other minerals. It works by using resin beads inside the appliance to trap the unwanted metals and “exchange” them for potassium or sodium. This makes the water “softer”. Since soft water requires less soap for the same cleaning effort, soap is not wasted bonding with calcium and it doesn’t cling to plumbing, dishes, or our bodies and hair.

Here are the Pros of Water Softeners

Here are some Cons of Water Softeners

  • Some models can use a lot of water and the water that regenerates the beads is waste; check with a pro to find the best solution
  • If you aren’t troubled by the impacts of hard water then it may not feel worthwhile
  • Most people can drink soft water with no issue, but people who have high blood pressure, or who watch their sodium levels for any reason, need to know that soft water does have higher sodium levels and they should check with their doctor. This can also be handled by choosing a potassium-based softening system or having a separate drinking and cooking tap that isn’t run through the softener
  • The use of salt has environmental consequences
  • There are concerns about the use of water softeners with lead pipes due to the leaching of lead. It is important to know your home’s plumbing and the hard water levels to be certain of safety

There are many factors to consider about the benefits of a water softener. If you do decide you want a water softener, and you live in the East Valley of Arizona, give us a call to get a free estimate. We are excited to help make your water exactly how you want it! You can reach us at Call Us 480-388-6093 and learn more about us here .