Emergency Plumbing Service

Having an emergency plumbing issue can be a horror of a situation. You might feel at a loss for what to do and want to call someone right away. And Phend is here to help with those emergencies. But that said, not every plumbing problem needs an emergency response. Keep reading to learn how to know when to call us for emergency service and when to schedule a normal, urgent plumbing service.

After Hours Plumbing Emergencies

After-hours plumbing emergencies occur once a business has closed, and before it has opened. These can occur late at night or on weekends. For the Phend Plumbing team to come out to a customer’s home after hours for an emergency call, one of the following would need to be happening:

  • The home is flooding.
  • Every toilet in the house is unusable. 
  • You have a gas leak.

Urgent Plumbing Emergencies

Some plumbing emergencies don’t need to be solved in the moment that they occur. In fact, many such emergencies can be fixed by setting up an “urgent” appointment for the following day. For these appointments, you may call after hours and have your appointment set up for the next day during normal business hours. Here are some examples of plumbing emergencies that can be solved by scheduling an urgent next day appointment:

  • When only one toilet is clogged, but there are other usable toilets in the home. 
  • A clog in the kitchen sink. 
  • A small drip in your home which can be managed. 

Emergency Services from Phend

At Phend Plumbing, we’ve started to reserve our after-hours calls for only the truest emergencies out of respect for our employees. If needed, we are happy to walk a customer through some simple steps that they can take to temporarily fix the problem until someone can help them during normal business hours. All calls that are not deemed emergencies will be scheduled during normal work hours with the understanding that you want your problem to be solved as quickly as possible. 

Call Our Office to Schedule a Service

At Phend Plumbing, we’ve been helping homeowners in the Mesa/Gilbert area with their plumbing for years. If you believe that you are experiencing a plumbing crisis, call us at any time of day at 480-388-6093 and someone on our team will be happy to assist you by guiding you through some simple steps you can do yourself, setting up an urgent next day appointment, or heading out to your home to provide an emergency service.