Our Guide To Repiping Your House

Do you have an older home that may be in need of plumbing work? Whether it’s an investment property or an aging home with a lot of plumbing issues, upgrading a home’s plumbing is always beneficial. And while a simple repair may cost less in the short-run, repiping can save you stress, time, and money on future issues. Keep reading for our guide to repiping your house. 

When Should You Repipe Your House?

If you’re not sure whether it’s time to repipe your house, keep an eye out for these telltale signs that you need to repipe your house as soon as possible: 

  • Leaky pipes
  • Low water pressure
  • Suddenly bad tasting water 
  • Water discoloration
  • Noisy pipes
  • Corroded pipes
  • Old piping

How Much Does Repiping a House Cost?

The cost to repipe a house depends on a variety of factors, such as: 

  • The size of your house.
  • The number of sinks and toilets you have. 
  • The material for your new pipes.
  • The number of stories your house has. 

Given these different factors, it’s difficult to give a concrete estimate for the cost of repiping your home. Generally, an average house repiping will cost anywhere between $4,000 and $6,000. That being said, this number can vary greatly, with some repiping jobs costing as low as $1,500 and others more than $15,000. 

Is it Worth Repiping a House?

If you’re planning to stay in your home, repiping a house is almost always worth it. Even though it costs more up-front, you’ll be saving yourself from spending thousands of dollars in the years to come. Instead of fixing small things without addressing the problem, repiping your house leaves you without the need to worry. 

Repiping your home can also make it easier for you to sell your home in the future because potential buyers might be hesitant to buy an older home with outdated pipes. Knowing that home has brand-new piping is one less thing they have to worry about. 

What is Involved in Repiping a House?

Repiping a house is a fairly intensive project and should always be done by a professional plumber. The first step to repiping your house is to get an inspection and an estimate. This will tell if you really need to repipe your home and how much it is going to cost. After this, your plumber will talk with you about the material for your new pipes. Once you’ve decided on the best material, your plumber will get to work. During this time, you may or may not be able to use the plumbing in your house. It’s best to discuss this with your plumber before work begins. 

Does Insurance Cover Repiping?

Most home insurance only covers damage or current issues caused by sudden accidents. Repiping a home is normally considered a preventative measure not covered by insurance. However, this depends on your policy, so you should check just in case. 

How is Repiping Done?

Repiping a home is considered major construction. It involves cutting small holes in walls so that pipes can be pulled out and replaced. Any pipes in the floors might be reachable from the ceiling, basement, or attic. Once all pipes are replaced, the small holes are cleanly covered so that you can’t even tell they were there. 

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