Slab Leak Detection and Repair Overview

Most homes in Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona have concrete slabs underneath them that help to prevent clay soil foundations from cracking. While these slabs offer great reinforcement and protection of clay soil foundations, they can experience leaks that pose a threat to a home. Detecting a slab leak as soon as possible will prevent the most damage. But finding a slab leak isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve created this slab leak detection and repair overview. Read on to learn more. 

What Is A Slab Leak?

The “slab” of a home is the concrete foundation that it is built on. Oftentimes, water and other sewer lines run either below or through the slab. When these lines break or deteriorate, they release water that flows underneath or into your foundation. This release of water is what causes a slab leak.

How Common are Slab Leaks?

Slab leaks are common in older homes that are built on concrete slabs. Since many homes in the US fit this description, slab leaks in America are fairly common. In Arizona, slab leaks are common in homes with concrete foundations. Even though homes in Arizona tend to be newer, extreme weather conditions can cause burst pipes and slab leaks. 

How Do You Find A Leak Under A Slab?

It’s not easy to detect a slab leak. Oftentimes, you don’t even know you have one until the damage has been done, since the most common type of leak is a pinpoint leak that slowly releases water. Fortunately, there are some ways that you  are some early signs that might point to a slab leak in your home: 

  • Higher water bills.
  • Lowered water pressure.
  • Damp carpets, floors, or baseboards. 
  • The sudden sound of running water.
  • Mold.
  • A bulge in your hardwood floor. 

How Do Plumbers Detect Slab Leaks? 

The best thing you can do if you think you might have a slab leak is to hire a professional that can take a look at what’s going on. Even though you may be able to detect early signs, plumbers have the proper tools and equipment – like thermal imaging, moisture level meters, and video cameras – to detect and fix a slab leak. 

How Do You Repair A Slab Leak? 

There are three main ways that you can repair a slab leak:

  1. Repair: Repairing leaks in plumbing lines under your foundation slab involves using a jackhammer to break the slab open. Once the slab is open, you go in to repair the line. This option should be done by professionals who know how to use the jackhammer in a way that reduces damage. 
  2. Reroute: A reroute involves setting a new path for your water supply to go through. Generally, this new route goes around the slab rather than underneath or through it. Rerouting is a great solution as it can also prevent any future slab leaks in that water line. 
  3. Repipe: Repiping is the most comprehensive and intense solution. This involves repiping the entire house’s water lines. Normally, this is done when there is a fear that the whole home’s plumbing system is compromised. While this may sound like more work, it can prevent having to spend money on multiple expensive repairs in the future. 

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