What Are The Types Of Urinals?

Businesses know they need urinals for the men’s restroom, but did you know they can even be installed in your home, too? Learn about the various types of urinals that are available for your home and for your businesses and you can decide for yourself if a urinal is in your home’s future.

History Of Urinals

What is a urinal? A urinal is a plumbing fixture used for urination only. They are typically attached to the wall so they take up much less space than a traditional toilet and are placed in such a way that it is convenient for men to urinate while standing up. The original patent for the urinal was in the 1800s, but it is believed to have been in use for a long time prior to that; some signs even point to them existing in ancient Rome! That is a long time for a product to remain in use, so it is about as basic and useful as the wheel. The same basic design stays in play because it is so functional.

Urinals In The Home? 

Why might you want a urinal in your home? 

  • Convenience: Many men prefer to use a urinal when they only need to urinate; it’s just easier and faster. 
  • Safety: Some elderly men find it easier to use a urinal than to sit down and stand up while using a toilet and this can reduce fall risks.
  • Customization: Can be situated exactly where you want it on the wall to accommodate the height and comfort of the users.
  • Simple Cleaning: A urinal has fewer parts to get dirty and is easier for men and boys to use so there is less trouble around the toilet as well.
  • Efficiency: Faster turnaround times in the bathroom. Picture a household with 4 males and 1 bathroom and you understand it right away.
  • Health: More sanitary since there is less touching and no fecal matter.

The Types Of Urinals 

There are two basic types of urinals, and a few variations on those two shapes. There is the trough version which is one long tub, and the individual porcelain bowl version. The individual bowl urinals are what you see in most public restrooms and there are only minor differences in design. These bowl urinals are the only one’s used for residential installs and are vastly preferred in public restrooms as well.

There are also squatting urinals, used mostly in asian countries for both men and women. They are exactly what they sound like. They sit close to the floor and one squats over them to pee.

Waterless urinals are becoming more and more common. They are a simple gravity draining mechanism and when used properly can save water over a traditional toilet and a standard urinal, both of which use about 1.5-1.6 gallons per flush. Modern waterless urinals use a liquid film (such as a special oil)  to prevent smells, but you can also run a gallon of water down every month or so. That is less water than a single flush!

Whether you own a business where you need urinals, or if you are interested in the unique convenience and benefits of a home urinal, reach out to us for a free estimate at 480-388-6093 and we are happy to answer all your questions.