Gas Dryer Versus Electric Dryer: Which Is Better?

If you’re ready to buy a new dryer for your laundry room, you might be trying to decide between an electric and gas dryer. Keep reading to learn more about how to choose between a gas dryer and an electric one and which one is better for you.

Differences Between Gas and Electric Dryers

An electric dryer and gas dryer perform the same function of drying your clothes, sheets, and blankets. But that’s where the similarities end. The main difference between gas and electric dryers is the heat source each one uses to dry your clothes. While an electric dryer uses metal heating coils powered by your home’s electricity, gas dryers connect to a natural gas or propane line. 

Pros and Cons of Gas Dryers

Pros of Gas Dryers

  • Natural gas costs less. Natural gas is less expensive than electricity, meaning you’ll spend less over time with a gas dryer. 
  • Better for the environment. Gas dryers require less energy to run, making them a better option for those wanting to protect the environment. 
  • Dries faster. A gas dryer will dry your clothes in half the time it takes an electric one. 
  • Less damaged clothes. Less time spent in the heat of a dryer means your clothes will be less damaged than they would be in an electric dryer. 

Cons of Gas Dryers

  • Costly installation. Gas dryers cost more than electric dryers and have a higher installation cost. 
  • Requires natural gas hookup. You can’t use a gas dryer if your home doesn’t have a natural gas hookup or a place to install a gas line. 

Pros and Cons of Electric Dryers

Pros of Electric Dryers

  • Cheaper installation, Electric dryers generally cost less to buy and less to install when compared to gas dryers. 
  • More common. Because electric dryers are more common than gas ones, you’ll have more options when you go to buy your dryer. 
  • Install almost anywhere. If you don’t have access to a natural gas line or a place to install one, an electric dryer’s advantage is that it can be installed in almost any place that has an electric outlet. 

Cons of Electric Dryers

  • Expensive to run. Electricity is expensive, and your electric dryer uses a lot to dry your clothes. 
  • Inefficient. Electric dryers are highly inefficient when drying your clothes compared to gas dryers. They take about two times longer to dry your clothes!  
  • Damages clothes. The longer your clothes spend in the dryer, the more heat damage they’ll receive. 

Get a Free Estimate on Hooking Up Your Gas Dryer

So, is a gas or electric dryer better? Although installing a gas dryer is more expensive than installing an electric one, gas dryers are much more cost-effective in the long run. You’ll pay less per load, help the environment, and your clothes will dry more quickly. 

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