7 Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Even if you are not a proficient DIYer, you do likely need to have some tools in your home. Every home needs a hammer and a screwdriver, right? Plumbing tools are right up there in importance for your tool box, but what, exactly, are the 7 plumbing tools every homeowner should have? We’ve got the ones you will be very glad to have on hand.

Why Would I Want to Know Any of This?

First, a quick note on how these tools can save you time, money, and trouble. Simple plumbing knowledge is very helpful in those cases where a quick fix will solve a seemingly challenging problem therefore saving you the money and hassle of calling a plumber. Additionally, you might notice a problem before it becomes a disaster and be able to complete a quick fix that saves you a lot of money.  A little simple knowledge can be very valuable!

7 Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

  1. A Plunger. This is super basic, we know, but it truly is a necessary time and trouble saver. We recommend you have one for each toilet so you don’t have to carry it around the house or locate it, and another one, called a cup plunger in case you need to clear a sink or bathtub. 
  2. Hand Auger/Drain Snake. These is a simple and affordable way to clear a clog that has gotten stuck further down the line in tubs, sinks, showers, and even in toilets. It is a long auger (like a metal snake!) that can reach a clog to get it out. In a pinch, you can unwind a metal hanger and reach into the drain to get out small clogs, like hair in the shower drain.
  3. Adjustable Wrench. Fittings get loose! An adjustable wrench can save the day and even help in hard to reach places, like connections under the sink, the toilet and those at the base of the toilet. A loose toilet, or even a loose toilet seat can be a real headache and it is easily solved with an adjustable wrench.
  4. Plumbing Tape/Thread Seal Tape. These specialty tapes mold to the threads of pipe fittings  which make it easier to thread the fixtures together. It also helps create a tight seal which is necessary for plumbing connections to work properly and not leak.
  5. Caulk Gun. A quick fix to prevent water damage from affecting tiles and seals and at the base of the toilet, shower and so on, and can even create seals in a pinch. Caulk keeps your bathroom looking fresh and performing optimally so a caulk gun makes caulking easy.
  6. Heavy Duty Gloves. Special reusable heavy gloves will allow you to handle any problems without feeling disgusted by where you might have to reach.
  7. Duct Tape. The universal household tool can even help with your plumbing in a pinch. Plumbers use plumbing putty, which is great for DIYers, too, but if you have duct tape that can help hold the issue at bay until your plumber can solve the problem for the long term.


So, now you know the best tools to have on hand and that you can handle simple plumbing tools like a boss, we want you to know that we are here for you if you need more than a simple DIY fix. Reach out to us to get a free estimate on any jobs that need a pro, or that you just don’t have time for. You can call us at 480-388-6093 or visit our Contact Us page above.