What Is Involved In Repiping Your House?

Have you seen signs that your home may need new pipes? Maybe you bought an older home and leaks are sprouting up or perhaps you are doing a major renovation. If you heard the term “repiping your house” as a solution that might sound terrifying, but it is nowhere near as dire as it sounds. Here is what is involved in repiping your house 

What Is Included In Repiping A House?

Most people are relieved to know that repiping a house only involves the pipes that bring hot and cold water to (and from) your house. It does not involve your sewage plumbing. A quality company will always evaluate your plumbing system and let you know what needs to be done. If your county requires permitting, your plumber will arrange that with the appropriate agency for you and any fees will be included in the estimate and the inspection will be arranged. The short version of what happens is:

  1. Permitting, inspections, and scheduling is arranged
  2. Once work starts, the water is turned off and the old pipes are removed
  3. New pipes are installed and the water is turned on again.
  4. System is flushed and tested. Local inspections are arranged where required.
  5. Cleanup and patching is completed 

Many repipe jobs take less than a day to finish, and if it takes longer, your plumber can arrange it so that water will be available at least at one tap at the end of the day. 

How Do I Prepare My House For Repiping? 

Repiping involves getting into the walls to access the pipes, so you have some preparation to do to ensure the safest, fastest process. Your chosen company will actually cut open parts of the wall to reach the plumbing all over the house, so that can certainly be messy. It is best to protect your belongings, so here are the top tips for prepping for a repiping:

  • Pull furniture away from the walls that will need to be accessed and cover them all with protective material. 
  • Clear any affected cabinets, like under sink cabinets and others your plumber points out, and make sure you can access things you will need from those cabinets by placing them in bins or where you can get to them.
  • Keep children and pets away from the exposed areas until they are repaired.
  • Remove small valuables and electronics that could be damaged by dust or accidents.
  • There is no need to leave for the duration of the repairs, but some families choose to for convenience or if anyone is affected by allergies since a lot of dust is stirred up.

How Long Does Repiping A House Take?

Fortunately, the work can be completed in roughly one to two days for an average home. There are more complicated situations or larger homes that will need more time, but that is typical. If you are having the work done in the middle of a renovation, be sure to connect your contractors to the plumbing company to avoid delays.

How Much Does It Cost To Repipe A 2200 Square Foot House? 

In Arizona, a 2200 square foot house is fairly average size and will usually take the full two days. The breakdown of costs includes time and materials. Currently in Arizona hourly labor rates for highly experienced plumbers range between$75 and $200 per hour for labor. The materials in this type of situation have a huge range between $2,000 and $10,000. That can depend on the materials chosen and how the home’s plumbing is laid out, so you definitely want to consult your plumber for an accurate quote for your residence to save money in the long run.


That’s the details for repiping. It’s not exactly a simple process, but companies like ours, that have extensive experience and skills can accomplish your goals affordably and give you the new plumbing system you need. Give us a call at 480-388-6093 and get a quote for your repiping work.