Installing Gas Lines For Your Indoor Fireplace

Winter is coming. Wouldn’t a beautiful indoor fireplace be a great addition to your family room or master bedroom? Imagine the romance, visual warmth, and drama of a fireplace without the mess, hassle, and restrictions you have to put up with when you install a traditional fireplace. You can almost always place a gas fireplace right where you want it and there is virtually no maintenance. The first step is to learn everything you need to know ahead of time about installing gas lines for your indoor fireplace

Who Installs a Gas Line?

Although most people don’t know it, when you need a gas line moved, repaired, or installed, you call your local, friendly plumber. Highly trained, licensed plumbers are not only experts in your plumbing systems, but those who have gone through special training also handle gas features in your home. 

How Do You Install a Gas Line for a Gas Fireplace?

These are the basic steps to install a gas line. We will always alert you that it is dangerous to work with gas lines if you don’t have the expertise so we strongly recommend calling a licensed plumber who has specialized training in gas line installation.  Here are the steps we follow.

  • You want to choose your location carefully to follow a route with as few turns as possible from your service gas line. This is important in order to prevent hazardous gas buildup. We take all your measurements and prepare the site for the fireplace according to your local regulations.
  • We turn off the gas before beginning any work then gather all materials including fittings, measured and cut piping, pipe cutter for establishing the line, and any materials for the connection to the fireplace itself, like brass fittings, threading, etc.
  • Next we run the line to the fireplace location. Sometimes this will be through walls or floors so be sure you are prepared for these plans. 
  • Finally we expertly attach the fittings to the fireplace then turn the gas on to test the line and ensure good seals. 

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Gas Line to a Fireplace?

The cost of installing a gas line to your fireplace typically depends on the distance between the service line and the fireplace. However, other things can impact that number and we are happy to provide a free estimate, and we stick to it. So, you’ll know how much your gas line installation will cost you before work begins.

What Size Gas Line do I Need for a Gas Fireplace?

The size of the gas line needed for a fireplace is not a standard number. It depends on the fireplace “capacity” and so we use sizing charts based on the gas volume and the distance to the gas source. Just like water through a pipe, pressure, and volume are going to play a part so we can work with you to get the correct diameter needed for your situation. 

Can I Use Flexible Gas Line for a Fireplace?

It is important to know that flexible lines are gaining more proponents as they are successfully applied to situations like fireplaces and other appliances, but you need to know their limitations. Flexible lines cannot go through walls, ceilings, or floors. They are typically restricted to no more than 3 feet long and they cannot be hidden or walled up. But they are a good option for some limited situations where the flexibility is helpful. 

Now that you know how to get your indoor fireplace gas line ready for your beautiful new gas fireplace, give us a call at 480-388-6093 to get started.

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