Benefits Of An Indoor Fireplace

There are so many benefits of an indoor fireplace that homeowners are even adding them to their existing homes and remodels. The pure romantic allure is enough for most people but there are even more reasons to consider adding one to your home. 

Interior designers stress that having a focal point is essential to creating the ideal room arrangement whether that is your living room, family room, or bedroom. Heck, some lucky people even have them in their luxurious bathrooms. 

Is It A Good Idea To Have A Fireplace In The House? 

Yes, most homeowners find the fireplace is a gathering spot and provides the kind of ambiance they can’t get anywhere else, but of course, there are concerns with the cleaning, care, safety, and local regulations of a traditional fireplace. We are strong proponents of gas fireplaces, which are by far the preferred choice for homeowners in the Gilbert/Mesa area. Here are the main reasons people prefer gas fireplaces for most residential, non-vacation homes. 

They are largely preferred over wood fireplaces because gas fireplaces:

  • Are just as attractive and appealing as traditional fireplaces without the hassle
  • Are safely ventilated to the outside instead of having a chimney or flue that can get dirty, clogged, or even cause problems with birds and rodents
  • Don’t make a huge mess with ashes, wood storage, and so on
  • Are fueled by your home’s gas line which burns much cleaner reducing particulate pollution (that is why Families for Clean Air calls it “no contest” )
  • Don’t pose a fire hazard 
  • Don’t overheat the room
  • Don’t have any restrictions on use from local regulations (no-burn days)
  • Are easy to use, require no daily maintenance, and very little work at all

Installing A Gas Fireplace Indoors

A gas fireplace is a relatively easy install that can be done with the help of a plumber, like us, to run the gas line and be sure it is a safe install, and a good contractor or highly skilled homeowner can put in the surrounds (for safety) and the fireplace itself.

Gas Fireplace Design

Gas fireplaces have another advantage over other types of fireplaces in that they can accommodate so many design styles. There are dramatic ones that are recessed in a wall like a painting, often just below a T.V. or a prominent art piece. There are types that mimic a typical wood-burning fireplace of old, and super modern ones that can show through multiple rooms. Some even have otherworldly colors, or dramatic functions like the type of fire, the color of fire, and displays. It’s likely that no matter what your personal style is, and no matter what your home’s layout, you will find a perfect gas fireplace for your home. 

Don’t forget your outdoor space, too. More and more dramatic and interesting gas fireplaces for your patio or yard are becoming available every year. (Read more: Outdoor Fire Pits)

Of course, there is still a place for beautiful wood-burning fireplaces in many homes, especially in vacation homes, but for us down here in the Valley, gas fireplaces allow for the ambiance without the dangers and problems. They are a real pleasure and so easy to have placed in great locations in your home. If you’d like help learning about adding a gas line to power a beautiful gas fireplace, then please reach out to us and we’d be happy to help. 

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