Ask Pete: How Can I Check If I Have A Leak?

There’s hardly anything more stressful than suspecting your home’s plumbing has a leak. Figuring out if you do have a leak can be simple. Finding out where that leak is might be more challenging. But Pete’s here to help, so let’s ask him.

Pete, How Can I Check If I Have A Leak?

The best place to check if you have a leak is at the water meter. Turn off all water inside your home. Turn off the faucets. Let toilets finish flushing and filling. Make sure you’re not running any appliances like washing machines or the dishwasher. Then, go check your water meter. If it indicates — either with a dial or digital numbers — that water is flowing through, then there’s a good chance you’ve got a leak.

How do plumbers detect leaks in walls?

We have a couple of special tools to help us find leaks inside a wall. We can use a moisture meter which will find any water that builds up. We also have infrared sensors that can show us changes in temperature that can be caused by water. Of course, water is pretty good at letting you know where it is by finding its way out of the wall.

How Do I Find Out Where My Water Leak Is Coming From?

If you suspect you have a leak and have no idea where it’s coming from, here are a few things to try and locate your leak:

  1. Drop some food coloring into your toilet tanks. Most leaks occur in the toilets, so if you see the coloring move from the tank to the bowl, then you’ve found your leak.
  2. Check your faucets, especially the ones you don’t use much like in guest bathrooms, utility rooms, or garages. Check the outdoor faucets, too!
  3. Do a visual check around the property. Look for puddles — or even greener grass —  in your yard, water damage in walls, ceilings, and corners, or discolored flooring in the garage, utility room, and other areas.
  4. Use all five senses. Well, not taste. But look for damage. Do you smell musty areas? Do you hear random dripping sounds? Can you feel moisture or cooler areas? Your personal plumbing leak detection system might just sniff it out.

If none of that works for you and that water meter keeps turning, the next step is to call a professional plumber in Gilbert/Mesa.

So that’s how you can check if you have a leak. Reach out to us if you have any questions you want to be answered in an “Ask Pete” section or feel free to call us directly at 480-388-6093 with any of your plumbing questions or issues; we are happy to help.