Ask Pete: Should I Turn Off My Water When I Go On Vacation?

So, the question is, “Should I turn off my water when I go on vacation?” It depends! I know you hear that a lot from me, but it’s true. In many cases you won’t need to turn it off and in some cases you will absolutely need to do so. Mostly for those of us in the East Valley of Arizona, the answer is “no” for short trips, but there are some times you may want to, so I’ll clarify that.

Should I Turn Off My Water When I Go On Vacation?

If you are going away for a long trip, longer than say, a week or so, then you should turn your water off at the main. Plumbers always recommend this because there is no downside and it could save you thousands of dollars if a problem happens. Even a small leak can do a great deal of damage if it isn’t caught quickly, like when you are away!

Your landscaping should be on a separate system, but check to make sure your landscaping won’t be affected.

Does shutting off the water affect the water heater?

No, it doesn’t affect the water heater, except in the rare case if your water heater is empty. As long as it is full, you don’t need to go turn off the valve on the water heater, either. Just like the water though, there isn’t really a downside to turning it off, so you certainly can do it, especially if there is a chance someone will be using water while you’re gone, like errant teenagers or housecleaners – you don’t want the water tank to empty while it is on! The water flows in from the main and keeps the tank full. Call us if you have any questions about this.

When should I turn my outside water off?

If you suspect any kind of leak you want to shut your water off and call your local, friendly plumber. If you don’t have concerns about your landscaping you can turn it off when you leave for a long trip, too. I should mention we are here in the East Valley of Arizona so we don’t have to deal with freezing pipes. If you are in Northern AZ or any cold climate, you should check with a knowledgeable plumber near you because pipe freezing can be an issue. We are just spoiled here by terrific weather!

Should you leave faucets open when water is turned off?

Yeah, so since we have good weather, we don’t have to take so many preventative steps here in the Phoenix metro area, but you can open all the taps, then turn the water back on, that’s fine. It just prevents trapped air from getting pushed through noisily.

Hope that answers your question. Just reach out to us if we can help. Our family-owned business has years of experience helping homeowners and businesses. We offer up-front pricing and fast, professional work. Give us a call at 480-388-6093 or contact us online to get a free estimate for any of your plumbing repairs or installs.