Ask Pete: Why Do We Run Out Of Hot Water So Quickly?

It is not pleasant to start a lovely hot shower and end up rinsing off in ice cold water! Its also annoying when you are doing dishes or trying to get your laundry clean. Pete has the 411 on why this happens and what we can do to help you make sure it never happens to you again. Let’s ask Pete all our hot water questions!

 Why Do We Run Out Of Hot Water So Quickly?

There are a few common reasons and a few less common reasons why you might run out of hot water more quickly than you’d like. 

The most common reason is that your water heater isn’t up to the task. This might be because it is too small for the household and the hot water gets used faster than the tank can reheat it, or the unit may be starting to fail.

 If the water heater is getting old, there can be small issues that affect the whole system. They will be easily fixed, but if it is past its “best by” date, these issues can become chronic and you are better off replacing the unit. Some of the typical issues are when the heating element isn’t working right, when a thermostat fails, or when sediment has built up affecting the amount of water the heater holds and impacting the heating element, or when something called the dip tube fails. In all of these cases the functionality is affected and your heater won’t be able to do it’s job well. 

Another thing that can happen is in cold climates, the unit could be working against the cold air. Having a water heater “wrapped” can help it keep up in colder climates and just plain old improve efficiency anywhere.

How long should my hot water last?

 A typical house in our area of Mesa and Gilbert Arizona has a 40 to a 50 gallon water heater. A properly functioning tank should get you about 45 minutes to an hour or more of perfect hot water. If you are getting less than that, call you local, friendly plumber and we can help you resolve any issues.

How can I get hot water all the time? 

You should have hot water all the time! If you want that You can either match the size of the tank with your usage or install an instahot system. An instahot system is a tankless water heater and it works great for this type of installation. Check out more here,

How long does it take for hot water to come back after shower?

Hopefully, your system is sufficient for the whole home and a shower won’t deplete your reserves, but if you are asking how long it takes if you exhaust your hot water with a REALLY long shower, then I can tell you it’ll be about an hour plus to get the new water in the tank heated up for the next purpose.

If you are in the Mesa/Gilbert area of Arizona and you want to have help getting the perfect system for your needs, just give us a call at 480-388-6093 to get an estimate.