Plumbing For An Airbnb Remodel

Starting an Airbnb is a great way to create a passive income stream to bulk up your savings and prepare for retirement. Airbnb hosts earn an average of $924 every month, making it an excellent option for a side hustle. If you’re looking to throw your hat into the ring, you might start by renovating your home or purchasing a rental property. No matter what you decide, most AirBnbs need some work done before you can put them on the market, especially if you want people to stay at your listing. Many people choose to add rooms or bathrooms, meaning plumbing for an AirBnB remodel is also necessary. 

How To Remodel A Bathroom For Airbnb

Guests that rent private rooms in a house through Airbnb will be pleased if you have a nice, updated bathroom for them to use. They’ll like it even better if the bathroom is for their private use only. If you’re remodeling a bathroom for an Airbnb, focus on keeping it clean, updated, and functional. 

  • Good lighting for your mirror is key; if you can fit a vanity with plenty of storage or counter space, even better. 
  • You should also use neutral colors like grays and whites that most people will like. 
  • The most important thing you should do when remodeling a bathroom for an Airbnb is to ensure good water pressure and access to hot water. Nothing is worse for a guest than spending a long day out and coming home to take a cold, drippy shower

Room Additions For AirBnB

Adding a room to your house to rent out as an Airbnb can generate a steady flow of income while also increasing the value of your home. If you choose to add on a room or bathroom, you must ensure the plumbing is connected correctly. Even if the room you’re adding won’t need plumbing, any large structural change to your home should be consulted with a plumber to avoid damaging water lines. 

How Do You Plumb A New Bathroom Addition?

Plumbing a new bathroom addition involves connecting a new bathroom to your home’s existing plumbing. If you have an older home, your existing plumbing may be outdated, making it trickier to link it to your new bathroom. You must make sure that your current plumbing lines can handle the water supply and waste management that a new bathroom requires. Luckily, any skilled handyman or professional plumber should be able to do this job for you easily. 

Can You Add A Bathroom Anywhere In A House? 

Technically, you can add a bathroom anywhere in a house. But, it’s much easier to add a bathroom close to existing plumbing lines. If you’re looking to put a bathroom in a completely new part of your house, it is possible. It just might end up costing more. As long as you have space, access to electricity, and good ventilation, you can add a bathroom almost anywhere in your house. 

Get A Free Estimate On Your Bathroom Addition

Are you ready to make your Airbnb listing more attractive by offering guests an updated, private bathroom? Your next step is hiring a professional plumber to ensure strong water pressure, hot water, and proper plumbing connections. 

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