Ask Pete: What Is The Best Liquid Drain Cleaner?

Got a clogged drain? You might want to pause before reaching for that drain cleaner! Pete’s here to answer your questions about the best liquid drain cleaner. 

The Question: What Is The Best Liquid Drain Cleaner?

We’ve all been in the situation before – your drain is clogged, and you want a fast fix. You run to the store and stare at a wall of liquid drain cleaners, thinking, Which one is the best? 

I understand that most people want their clogged drain fixed quickly and cheaply. But what if I told you that buying liquid drain cleaner will cost you more in the long run? 

The Answer 

If you’re stuck staring at a shelf full of liquid drain cleaners, wondering which one will clean your drain the best, the first thing you should do is turn around and leave the store. Sure, liquid cleaners might get the job done in ten minutes, but they won’t solve your problems in the long run. In fact, they can end up costing you thousands in plumbing repairs.  

Do Liquid Drain Cleaners Work?

Liquid drain cleaners work by causing a chemical reaction in your drain that works to get rid of any clogged material causing backups. They usually only take a few minutes to do their job. But liquid drain cleaners have a dangerous side, and they shouldn’t be used frequently, if at all. 

Why You Shouldn’t Use Liquid Drain Cleaner

Liquid drain cleaners may help when you have a plumbing emergency, but they shouldn’t be your regular plumbing fix for a clogged drain. That’s because liquid drain cleaners have several negatives that can cause you problems:

    • Liquid drain cleaners end up wreaking havoc on your plumbing system, causing you costly repairs in the future. When the chemicals in the cleaner react, they cause heat to build up. Too much heat can damage your pipes by warping their shape or causing them to bulge.
  • They get rid of good bacteria. If you use a septic tank, you should NEVER use a liquid drain cleaner. Septic tanks use certain bacteria to break down organic material. The harsh materials from liquid cleaner can kill that bacteria, destroying their effectiveness. 
  • Toxicity.  Liquid drain cleaners are full of harsh chemicals that are dangerous to human health. It can cause serious burns, bad reactions, or other health problems if it touches your skin. You also shouldn’t be breathing in the chemicals that these cleaners contain. 

Do Liquid Drain Cleaners Damage Pipes? 

Liquid drain cleaners can damage your pipes from the heat created during the chemical reaction that removes clogged materials. PVC plastic pipes can warp or melt from all that heat, while metal ones can bulge, crack, or burst

Schedule a Free Estimate to Clear Your Drain 

Liquid drain cleaners are only a temporary solution to your clogged drain pipes. To fix the problem for good, you need a professional. 

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