Keep Your Pipes From Freezing This Arizona Winter

Frozen pipes are a common concern for homeowners, especially as cold weather approaches. Temperatures can get down to freezing in the Phoenix area, which puts your pipes at risk. Luckily, there are ways to keep your pipes from freezing this Arizona winter. 

Can Pipes Freeze In Arizona?

The two main causes of freezing pipes are ground or home temperatures that are too cold. Plumbing pipes often run underground and connect to your house. If the ground gets too cold, your pipes can freeze. Plumbing pipes in the ground then run into your home. So, if your house’s temperature isn’t high enough, your pipes can freeze.

While it may not seem possible, Arizona does see very low and even freezing temperatures, especially at night. If your home isn’t prepared for these extreme events, you could pay the price. 

What Temperature Should You Keep Your House At So Your Pipes Don’t Freeze?

Whether you’re at home or away traveling, you should keep your house’s thermostat set to at least 68 degrees so that your pipes don’t freeze.

At What Temperature Should You Drip Faucets?

Many people drip faucets to prevent their pipes from freezing. Doing this releases pressure from your plumbing system and prevents your pipes from bursting. To drip a faucet, all you do is leave one or more faucets running at a slow drip. 

What Happens If Your Pipes Freeze?

Frozen pipes can cause severe damage that leads to burst pipes and a shortage of running water. You can tell your pipes have frozen if the water flow from a plumbing fixture is low or non-existent. Other signs include frosting or bulging on visible pipes. 

If your pipes do freeze, there are specific steps you can take to prevent any further damage. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Shut off your water. The first thing you need to do if you notice your pipes are frozen is shut off the water. You can turn off your home’s main line or just use the shut-off valve for the appliance that the pipe connects to. 
  • Open the faucet. Even though the water is off, you should keep any faucets open to relieve pressure. As the ice inside the pipe melts, it will flow out of the open faucet.
  • Thaw the pipes. The next thing you need to do is slowly heat the temperature of the frozen pipe, so the ice inside thaws and runs out. There are many methods for thawing pipes, including using towels, space heaters, a hair dryer, or a heated blanket. But the best way to thaw your pipes is to have a professional plumber do the job.

Keep Your Pipes From Freezing This Arizona Winter

There are several steps you can take to prevent freezing pipes. These include keeping your home at the correct temperature, insulating your vulnerable pipes, turning off the water when you take a long trip in the winter, and dripping your faucets during freezing temperatures. Call a professional plumber immediately if your pipes are damaged by the cold. 

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