Ask Pete: Why Are My Pipes Making Noise?

Hello, homeowners of Gilbert and Mesa, Arizona! As your go-to local plumber, we receive various questions about plumbing issues every day. One common concern that we often address is the mysterious noises that pipes can make. Don’t worry; you’re not alone in this! In this blog, we’ll explore the possible reasons behind those perplexing pipe noises and guide you on how to deal with them effectively.

Water Hammer: The Culprit Behind Thumping Sounds 

One of the most common reasons for noisy pipes is water hammer. It occurs when water flow is suddenly stopped or changed direction, causing a pressure surge within the pipes. This surge creates a loud thumping sound that can be quite alarming.

  • Cause: Water hammer can be triggered by various factors, including quick-closing valves, dishwasher or washing machine cycles, or toilet flushes.
  • Solution: Installing water hammer arrestors or air chambers can help absorb the pressure surge and prevent the thumping noise.

Screeching or Whistling Pipes: Addressing High Water Pressure

Screeching or whistling sounds can indicate excessive water pressure in your plumbing system. High water pressure puts stress on the pipes and can lead to potential issues.

  • Cause: High water pressure can be caused by a faulty pressure regulator or a municipal water supply with elevated pressure levels.
  • Solution: Contact a professional plumber to measure your water pressure and, if needed, install a pressure regulator to maintain a safe and steady pressure.

Banging Noises: Water Flowing Too Fast

Banging noises in your pipes might be a sign of water flow that is too fast, especially in older or poorly installed plumbing systems.

  • Cause: Improperly sized pipes or fast water flow can cause water to slam against the pipe walls, resulting in the banging noise.
  • Solution: Consider installing flow restrictors or adjusting your water pressure to regulate the flow and prevent the banging sounds.

Gurgling Drains: Dealing with Ventilation Issues 

If you hear gurgling sounds when you use sinks, showers, or tubs, it could be a sign of ventilation problems in your drainage system.

  • Cause: When air cannot enter the drainage system due to improper venting, gurgling sounds can occur as water flows through the pipes.
  • Solution: Contact a plumber to inspect and clear any blockages in the vent system, ensuring proper air circulation and resolving the gurgling issue.

Rattling Pipes: Loose Mountings and Clamps

Rattling or vibrating pipes can be a nuisance and may be caused by loose mountings or clamps.

  • Cause: As water flows through the pipes, loose mountings or clamps can vibrate, causing the rattling noise.
  • Solution: Secure the pipes firmly with proper mountings and clamps to eliminate the rattling sounds.

Noisy pipes can be puzzling and even worrisome for homeowners. But fear not! Understanding the possible reasons behind the noises is the first step in addressing them effectively. From water hammer to screeching pipes, each noise has its cause and solution. If you encounter persistent or more complex pipe noises, your local plumbing experts at Phend Plumbing are just a call away. Reach out to us at 480-388-6093, and we’ll be more than happy to help. Let’s keep those pipes quiet and your home plumbing in tip-top shape!