Ask Pete: What can I put in my garbage disposal?

We’ve all had that moment where we pause and even panic a little after depositing some item down the drain. Uh oh, can that go down the disposal? We don’t need to worry anymore because Pete has all the answers to “What can I put in my garbage disposal”

Pete reminds us that the purpose of the garbage disposal is to grind down food scraps into tiny bits so that they don’t clog the drain.  Continue reading

How To Unclog The Kitchen Sink

Is your kitchen sink clogged? Here’s how you can learn how to unclog the kitchen sink and fix it yourself. Never fear – many simple solutions are available to homeowners to fix and unclog a kitchen drain without calling a professional plumber. First, we need a clear picture that you have a clogged kitchen sink and if that’s the case, put some easy fixes in place and then see if you have a bigger problem for a plumber.

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