Ask Pete: Why Are My Pipes Knocking When I Flush The Toilet?

If you hear a knocking sound every time you flush the toilet, you might feel concerned about a possible plumbing issue. This noise, also called a “water hammer,” often sounds like someone is knocking on the walls of your home every time a person flushes the toilet. It might seem like this is a huge plumbing issue that needs immediate professional help. But, lucky for you, a “water hammer” is usually a simple fix that can and should be done quickly.  Continue reading

How To Fix Water Hammer In Plumbing Pipes

Your home is your haven and it is the ideal place for peace and relaxation. Is there anything worse than a sudden and alarming sound from your plumbing to ruin that peace?  Have you ever heard what sounds like hammering or banging after you shut off your tap? That sound, which often comes with a strange and disturbing vibration, is known as a “water hammer”. It is also called, rather dramatically and even more accurately, “hydraulic shock” or “hydraulic surge”.

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