Is A Leaking Water Heater An Emergency?

Homeowners have plenty to worry about, so when you have an issue with any household appliance, you definitely want to know what is an emergency and what can wait. Today we want to learn if a leaking water heater is an emergency. Here’s what you need to know.

What Happens if Your Water Heater is Leaking?

You may notice signs of your water heater leaking, like finding small puddles under the unit, or signs of dripping water on the outside of the unit. Any signs like that are a good hint to get the unit checked out by a licensed and qualified plumber. If it is leaking that is a sign that something is going wrong and you want to address that as soon as possible. It could signal that the unit is failing, or just that it needs some simple maintenance. Leaks can be directly from the tank or from faulty valves or connections.

How Long will a Water Heater Last After it Starts Leaking

You need to know what is leaking to know how long it will continue working safely. If it is a simple matter of a leaking drain valve and the rest of the system is in good shape, it should continue to perform for you for the duration of its lifespan. If it is the tank itself leaking, that is not a simple fix, and you will need to consider your options. A water heater’s lifespan is roughly eight to ten years, so if you are in that range, it is probably time to replace rather than deal with problem after problem until the unit fails. One of the primary concerns of a unit failure is damage to your home or property, and is a much more expensive proposition, so this is a “stitch in time saves nine” situation. 

Signs that your Hot Water Heater is Going Out

There are some signs that your hot water heater is going out, but even without signs, you want to pay attention to the age of your unit, and have a replacement date on your calendar. Here are some common signs of trouble:

  • Water puddling at the base of the unit
  • Water “stripes” on the sides of the unit
  • If the unit has become “noisy”
  • If the unit has visible rust anywhere
  • If you have discolored water at the taps
  • If any of the valves are corroded or leaking

Is A Leaking Water Heater An Emergency?

We would describe it as urgent, but not an emergency to be dealt with in the middle of the night, for example. If you have any concerns about it at all, call your local, friendly plumber and discuss your particular situation. Here at Phend Plumbing, we will help you and make sure your home and possessions are safe, and we can help you get your unit repaired, replaced, or even upgraded to a tankless water heater if that is your preference.

So, we have definitely concluded that a leaking water heater is not an emergency on par with an exploded heater or a burst pipe, but it is certainly urgent and it would be smart to take care of it right away, before it becomes an expensive emergency. There are many ways to prevent problems like this. We always recommend an annual check of your water heater, and if you are in the market for the latest and greatest, a tankless water heater is the ideal solution to all water heater issues. In addition to being a satisfying upgrade for the modern home, they can last up to 20 years. You can learn more about them in this informative blog.

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